This is a pop-up book called “The Butterfly Effect”. The Covid-19 is similarity to that theory. According to theory, small changes can bring huge ripple effects and the complex incident cannot be predicted for a long time.The epidemic has developed rapidly, go from Country to Regional to Global. In order to control the epidemic, people begun to use various data to predict the future. We believe that big data can bring security for us, but actually it also bring many issues. This inspiration comes from my own experience in china. Due to Covid-19, Quick response code have become very importance.We need to scan this code in almost all public places. It can record personal information about travel and health, and then store it in the database. Through the calculation of big data, we can get proof of personal health. At the same time, this is also the fastest way to predict who may be infected in time.So I use technique of photomontage to make a works that combines reality and virtual to reflect the influence of big data.







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