In my final work, you can see that there are many decorative patterns in this painting. I used a chaotic composition, dense in the middle, and sparse on both sides.There are only use two colors to express life and death. The picture is composed of various elements collage together, presented in a disorderly manner. The elements you see are all composed of points, lines and planes.The year 2020 was the closest year to death. Due to the epidemic, many people lost their families, people's life became no longer convenient, and even traveling was very dangerous. I had to stay at home for several months without going out, only my dog accompanied me. My work was inspired by my dog, who gave birth to several puppies not long . This should be a happy thing , but something terrible happened, we lost our first born puppy,and it died. I secretly disposed of the puppy's body, but the mother did not know, It kept looking for its own children, her temper was getting worse, I could feel it's very painful, It didn’t want to let me near it. I tried to calm it and put the soft toy and the puppy together. The mother accepted it at first, but as the baby dog grew up and moved, they isolated the pretend baby. The strongest baby dog could drink more milk, and the fake baby was finally abandoned in the corner. Life is the most precious thing in this world, and being alive is the foundation of everything. I have never experienced the pain of losing a loved one, and my understanding of death comes only from movies, novels and the daily news. However,my dog's almost crazy behavior and whining every day is very touching to me. Therefore, I decided to draw an elemental collage illustration about death. For the richness and completeness of the picture, I recalled and searched for many scattered elements.In my project, all the patterns that appear are hand-painted by marker pens. Before I started, I thought about what form I should use to express my mixed ideas. I once tried to make print, However, the covering of one pattern by another didn't have the effect I wanted to achieve. I finally chose points, lines and planes to hand-paint them. All the elements in the painting are meaningful. I didn't have any specific deep thoughts I wanted to convey the world is experiencing now.

Death element

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