With the outbreak of the COVID-19, the constant information, the spiritual pressure from the media and the anxious of life and death have all removed people's original concepts and created a sense of alienation among people. The cruel progress of society, however, has gradually caused the loss of people's self and the fragmentation of the connection between people and society. The goodness and evil of human nature were magnified during this period. I make this specimen looked like not only a specimen but also an isolation capsule. At the same time, plants have a strong vitality and healing power . I want to highlight the paradox of life in this exaggerated way . As long as a woman body appears, it will be easy to be consumed by mass culture . In China, the cause of this situation also includes a cultural stubborn ideology. I hope to use the body as a sharp weapon to counter this viewing habit and vision and express the tenacity of life, and also want to express the thinking of female prejudice.

Specimens of life

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