The theme of this work is the new normal. The protective measures are the source of my inspiration. In my work, I used some plastic materials, because the protective products we used during the epidemic were all made of plastic, such as goggles, disposable gloves and so on. Under the epidemic situation, because we have to wear protective masks every day, it is difficult to distinguish one another. This kind of blurred vision will not change in this special period. This set of font is vague and incomplete, just like the relationship between people in an epidemic situation. I used this font to design two posters and the people in the poster are my good friends. We haven't met each other for a long time because of the epidemic. I think this situation is very consistent with my theme, so I take them as models. The people in the posters are processed and blurred, just like the relationship between people and their friends during the special period. I want to communicate with the audience through this work and tell them what this particular period has changed for us.

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