Another Kind Of Perspective 22/09/2020 People’s perspectives are constrained by the closed and damped environment which they have built to struggle against the epidemic and where we cannot see the world in an integrated way. From this limited perspective we can see our own ego. My work is presented by a cube with irregular concrete and mirror fragments, composed of flowing and spreading concrete solidified bodies attached to the copper strip surface. Wearing this work, people will experience soreness and stiffness from lips, teeth and the surrounding muscles, which is fixed by the jewellery. It symbolizes the pain and numbness of being confined in a closed and immobile state for a long time. This kind of pain caused by the jewellery reminds me of the importance of freedom, which is incomparable in our lives. This heavy and suffocating but real experience endured in 2020, a particular vision, needs to be remembered. I feel like the boundaries between cultures has been eliminated from my mind, for I have a multicultural background. As a result of this, I can express myself freely. In my works, I explored the relationship between human nature and society. I like the fusion of unknown materials and familiar metals. My technical practice explores interactions between jewellery and humanity leading to meaningful works and inventive creations.

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