I first searched for information about negative pressure ambulances on the Internet, because we need negative pressure ambulances very much during the epidemic, they can ensure that polluted air is filtered. After sorting out the ambulances, I found some with off-road capabilities that are vacant in the Chinese market. In most areas of China, there are only ordinary types of vans and minibuses. The better ones include benz's MPV and iveco. Currently, only unimog has off-road capabilities. The U4000 model is an imported car, and only a few are available in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hebei. After having these materials, I have include them in my sketchbook. After finding a Mercedes-Benz unimog off-road ambulance, this was a turning point in my project. I hope that the car I designed was based on the unimog model, to improve its appearance and interior. It happened to be China in July and August. During the flood season, ordinary ambulances cannot enter muddy places for rescue due to their lower chassis and lower horsepower. If there were ambulances that had off-road capabilities, they could save more lives. The purpose of this work is to design a vehicle that can cope with various environmental conditions and save more patients. It can stand up when you need this kind of vehicle. The vehicle has good off-road performance and can pass various obstacles, such as mountains, snowfields, deserts, swamps, etc., in extreme weather, such as mudslides, floods, and landslides. Under disasters such as tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, epidemics, and typhoons, it can respond quickly and quickly treat the wounded. The car is equipped with German HELLA spotlights, well-performing air intakes, wading depth of 1.2m, and self-inflating tires, which can cope with different road conditions. And equipped with pressurized infusion device, chest decompression equipment, portable ventilator or multi-function ventilator, defibrillator, ECG monitor (with storage and printing), portable airway management system.  These devices can ensure that patients get the best treatment. The sturdy frame and shock absorb system can keep the vehicle stable during the movement and ensure the safety of patients. The huge space in the carriage can accommodate four patients at the same time.

car design

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