What I want to discuss is the changes in the relationship between people between epidemics. So I chose three keywords: virus, buddha, mask, these elements help me connect "new normal". During the pandemic, I also experienced great emotional changes, and my living habits changed as a result. Since January this year, the pandemic has spread throughout the world. Faced with an unknown virus, people have to change their lifestyles to deal with the epidemic. Wearing masks is as natural as wearing shoes when going out. It has become a new habit in daily life. The coronavirus, this word is already the most heard term in 2020. It appears on the web, in newspapers, and on TV shows. Everyone realizes that it is terrible. It is right by our side, but it is for us. The impact is far more than psychological fears, but also huge changes in lifestyle. The vaccine has not yet been produced, and people have become accustomed to living with the virus. During the epidemic, people experienced too many emotions, sadness, fear, and helplessness... When faced with these hardships that cannot be solved by science and technology, people usually seek comfort from religion, because of Buddhism. It is compassionate and tolerant. Many people will pray to the Buddha to help them achieve psychological peace and pass this difficult time. I think the combination of these three elements can adapt to this new normal theme and the psychological state of people under the pandemic.

Another Virus - Hatred


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