I use two protective clothing to represent medical workers. The doctor on the left is sitting in a chair with his head bowed, looks helpless. The doctor on the right bent down and stroked him, as if to say, "Don't worry," but there are some arrows stuck in his back. Arrows represent invisible pain. The pain may be the fear of their family members, the fear of the coronavirus, or the tiredness of working day and night… I use a projector to project some sentences on the two people. These are the sentences we can often hear in hospitals. Such as help! / he is dying. / I lost my dad, what can I do? / I want to go home… at the same time, there is played some cries of doctors and patients. They can increase the sense of fear in vision and hearing. I want to express that medical workers are extremely painful, but they still have to comfort each other. I think that in the face of disaster, artists don't have to exaggerate their noble actions, which may make us ignore some real dark problems, such as selfish rulers, bad rules, and the cold masses... People may unwittingly encourage the worst in human nature. I think what an artist should really do is to express his or her heart sincerely and truly. In the face of pandemic, we must be honest and tell the truth rationally. Through design, I want to express the real anxiety and fear of medical workers at the beginning of the pandemic. I don't want them to be drowned by The Times, please remember these strong souls under the new Normal background.

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