This is an illustration design with the theme of the new coronavirus. I understand the new changes of the new normal, and then combine some of my own feelings to perceive the impact of emotions on people,and this type of sentiment is largely derived from fake news on the Internet. I collected the two major elements of the building opposite to my apartment and the people who followed these fake news as the main elements of my project. At the same time, I tried to use some low-saturation colors as the main color, because I think the epidemic is a heavy thing for people. Regarding the illustration design this time,I want to express the phenomenon of people blindly following through fake news, and I also want to express that because of the impetuous psychology of the current people and the fear of the epidemic, and the unwillingness to give myself time to calmly think and judge´╝îthese fake news have caused us panic emotions. I use illustration as a medium to explore the state of people under tension and panic. At the same time, I hope that this illustration will relieve everyone's anxiety .

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