The spread of the coronavirus has disrupted the normal state and order of social life, which has led to the emergency closure of public facilities. This made me re-aware of the boundaries and barriers between communities, cities and countries. Time flies, because of rational control and policy intervention, society has been restarted into the post-coronavirus era. This inspired me to look forward to and imagine the outside world. Therefore, in order to fill the absence and perception of social participation, I challenged the psychological tension and went into public facilities to experience social services. Through photography, painting, collage and other research methods to collect experiences and record colorful social elements. In an atmosphere of tension and uncertainty, try to generate dialogue and communication through personal visual communication and the new normal.

For me, visual elements are the language and tools of emotional catharsis, which can free me from spiritual sensitivity and shackles to explore the expression of the inner world. The metaphor of color gives new connotations to the elements and forms a diverse visual communication. Because of this, I embed my confusion and thinking about the future and hope under the explosion of the balloon. The withered cactus made me feel the insignificance and helplessness of survival and death in harsh environmental conditions. Humorous language becomes pale and weak in a serious social context. In short, the reconstruction of these elements and colors condenses my response and reflection on the new normal lifestyle, trying to tell the true state of my experience through conflicting visual language, and then convey it to the viewers to cause resonance and reflection. In short, the living environment and social operation in the context of the new normal are full of unknowns and imagination. We are groping forward in this uncertain future.

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