Feminism is a utopia, and its most true meaning is liberation. The utopia I am talking about is built on a very individualistic premise. I think it is to respect differences, and in many cases, women should get rid of gender limitations and pursue self-realization. During the epidemic, discussions about gender inequality were once again exposed, which resulted in a manifestation of the lack of a female perspective. Like oppression of women from social families, exaggeration of public opinion and excessive support for women. Also, these are often only when the mainstream logic is in extreme crisis, they will choose female roles, and at the same time, hope that they have different resources and strengths.
Through this anthropomorphic installation, I made it with objects of feminine words in Italian. I combined these items which represent the crisis with the feminine gender in Italian words as the carrier, which I think is more targeted, more specifically. I want to use this device to make people feel the plight of women during the epidemic and think about gender equality in social implications. The situation of women is like this installation is chaotic and cluttered, still full of cracks; they seem to be consumed by this installation and unable to break free. This prototype that binds them is the limitation of the social structure.

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