In this work I explored the ‘New Normal’ for women. After family planing which started in the 70s, the Chinese government ordered that females use this as birth control. Even though most Chinese women were hurt by this in the past, Chinese girls still use it as the birth control today. I started this project because my mother was hurt by this, she became ill after she took the IUD away. During several decades the IUD has corroded or broken, and has resulted in some disease. First, I started the research about the IUD. I searched the internet and interviewed some people who have this experience. Next, I sketched the inspiration that I have. To be honest, I wanted to paint them as well, but I think it seems too flat to express that. So I just try to make something over the paper. There’s the different paper that I used. I usually use this medium, so I know how to express it well, and it’s an interconnection between the mouth and female body. Therefore, I decided to simulate the process of destruction. Finally, I performed that as the normal way. It means I chose the cherry stem and other fruits stem at first. I found it difficult to tie them into different shapes. As a result, I changed the material. I used the wire as well, but sometimes I couldn’t shape them because it was too strong. So after that I performed it with the thin wires. I believe my work successfully expresses the relationship between the IUD and the female body. Through creating my styling concepts, I not only became inspired by other artists and women, but felt I gradually began to find my own style in terms of composition and method of performance art. I thoroughly enjoyed finding the interconnection of our life and art, and expressing the ‘new connection’ between the past and our daily life. Conceptually, I was forced to consider and understand concepts and metaphor of the intrauterine device in different ways. As we can see, this work cleverly show the relationship of women body and this device.



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