Because of the impact of the epidemic, everyone's lifestyle has changed. The market economy declined in this period, and the epidemic situation affected the retail industry. Sales of physical stores have fallen. Many corporations have been facing survival problems, so they started looking for new ways to run businesses. In this work, I explored the transformation of sales channels in the fashion industry under the epidemic situation, and it was presented in the form of a poster to publicise the live broadcasting. Because of the change of the general environment, live delivery has become very popular in China. This is a new form of retail channel. I have thought and tried about this new business model of the fashion industry. First time as an anchorwoman sold jewellery in the live broadcasting. For me, it was a new attempt. And this experience gave me a unique perspective on the “New Normal” and new sales channels. The inspiration of this poster came from my feelings in this experience and the feedback from consumers during the live stream. In the live broadcast, I interacted with the audiences. I could feel the needs of customers directly and turn these into selling points of products and show them on the poster. The poster tries to explore the commercial marketing mode under the spread of live broadcast. I wanted to make a special live broadcast to introduce the jewellery suitable for the epidemic period, so the theme of the poster was set as “Jewellery with mask”. Such a live broadcast of the theme provides new demand for jewellery matching during the epidemic period. I extracted elements of goggles, masks, jewellery of this brand. In the future, I may develop this poster into a series of different themes for the content of other live broadcasts. Then, in terms of business, live delivery with goods is ‘New Normal’ and is an effective channel to sell in this special period, but how to operate and let more people enter the live room is also an important issue.


Experience of live broadcast


Process and final work

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