COVID-19 has given us an opportunity to RESET many things that we do. The pandemic has brought too much bad news, so I want to start with the optimistic side for this project. Inspired by the before and after pictures during the COVID-19 and the book “No Impact Man”, I doodled a poster on my iPad to achieve my zero waste intention. The upper-half of the “B” represents the toxicity part of Earth, caused by air and water pollution from factories and traffic. Another half means the eco-friendliness part of Earth, it is full of trees, animals, public transportation and renewable energy. The significance of this is to show the astonishing contrast of our environment due to the Coronavirus, just like the before and after images. I wanted to express that we always have the opportunity to make choices. We only have a planet, the Earth is about to explode, so it is time to take action to stop the global weather from worsening. If everyone on earth could change a bit, there would be a big difference to our planet!


Final work

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