In this New Normal Project, I intended to create something that was inspired by what happened around me during quarantine, and use the materials I already had, while expressing my feelings about quarantine in the meantime... *Press "i" for more information.

Inspiration Board

My idea is to present the relationship between the overprotected child and the manipulative parents. This was inspired by the countless fights that happened between my neighbour upstairs and their teenage kids during the lockdown. I also got inspired by the news about the students who committed suicide at home due to the difficult relationships with their parents or teacher in this special period.

Inspiration board

Because the lockdown and the quarantine forced families to stay together, and sometimes it will intensify the issue they already had. My work wants to address the issue, and trying to raise parents’ awareness of the pressure that they make their children feel, and how important it is to let the children explore the world by themselves so that they could realize what they like instead of what their parents like.

Final result

So, I made this art work which is a bear sitting inside of a plastic box with a vacuum pack covered all over it, to exaggerate a feeling of pressure and “out of breath”. I called it “Invisible Cage”.

making process

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