As a student majoring in textile design, I don’t like searching for information by internet. I like to draw what I see. In my NNP, I got inspiration from some strange phenomenon. Since the beginning of the epidemic, people tried to protect themselves by robbing such crowds. Slowly, more suspicion and precaution added to difficulties of interpersonal communication. During the period of isolation, I kept the habit of painting, like a diary. In my paintings, I've been trying to paint a shell. It's like a huge mask. It's a shell that shield people from the virus. But it also makes people lonely and hard. Although I was happy with my paintings, I tried to make this shell into an Installation. This final installation represents people who have lost their freedom because of isolation. This shell is a protective cover that people wear to protect themselves. This material is recyclable fabric made from recycled plastic bottle caps. I believe that this kind of behavior is not helpful and we should not limit our behavior or shrink from dangers. We need a sustainable lifestyle and to be more active and face our challenges.

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