The family is the smallest unit in a community. For me, it represents the epitome of society. This is why my video presents the interaction between me and my father, this interaction is achieved through sport. The relationships between sport and leisure time, and between the intimate and public space are the ones that I want to present in this work. The first pair of concepts came from the table tennis sport toy which I show in this video, bought by my father in this social distance period. This toy makes me feel that sports activities or recreation have a powerful link with social life and leisure time. People use sports to accomplish some satisfaction in having social contact because sports has always been linked with competition, cooperative spirit and celebration. In this New Normal, people are expected to stay at home and the social corner of sport which is downstairs in my community was closed during this period. Social contact becomes more insulated and space becomes functionally defined in different ways. I chose to shoot at home, which is a metaphor for us not being able to go out to socialize, and transforming the single-use function of table tennis toys into a process that requires interaction as well as conversation, in order to reflect the social distance period of the New Normal. This is the second of the two relationships which I created in my work, the relationship between the intimate and public space. The SketchUp model of public space represents the space be in closed during this period, the image of it is only in our imagination. There is also another video which is recorded at home about the intimate space which cover it, representing the public space being replaced. In this work, it was my first time to try to mix virtual and realistic video, it is not mature enough. However, I found some interesting points in the conversation between me and my father, it can be another explanation of the intimate and distance.

let's do sport- Xun Chen-

new normal project

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