The artwork “The Hub” as a virtual sculpture throughout the website media recorded the artist community "Noodle" under the pandemic 2020. Although the first time utilized the website media with programming, this is the most intimate engagement under the pandemic period. Since 3.5 hours work daily within13 weeks of artist-in-residence, communication among 19 artists have developed a distinct relation in a virtual community. While the voice and images demonstrate as the personal identity, databases behind the internet evoke the imagination belong to 19 artists' authenticity. However, no matter what it situates behind, interaction always penetrates the community and leads out thriving. "I uncertain those have existed, so I shaped it in case of vanish." Under the pandemic, we are living at the same time as real and virtual. Therefore, we expect more intimacies throughout the interaction and further connection. It is the most part of the'' New Normal" sensation from undergoing whereas my daily life.

Daily Hub(installation)

stress out sometimes




connection requires patient


We are dating with.

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