My new normal project explores the real state of society's feelings and life styles during the period that has been seriously changed by the corona virus. It Is a series of illustrations rather than an interior design project, it can also serve as a previous analysis of an interior project about the relationship between people and the environment. I aimed to observe the behavior and state of people in these situations from different perspectives, such as people in the context of the epidemic, the dilemma of an international student, people staying at their home with their family and the situation of other people that I know and so on. People have their specific feelings and living conditions in a specific situation, I visualized them on this illustration project so that they can resonate with the audience who experiencing an epidemic of the the feelings of anxiety, irritation, fear and sadness that has been shown in this series of works. However, this resonance does not cause renewed anxiety because it manifests itself in a lovely and cheerful way for the sake of providing emotional sustenance to the audience.





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