My new normal project is “protection”, and my source of inspiration is protective masks. In my mind map, I thought of some keywords during the lockdown, such as “water”, “restaurant”, “plastic”, “transparent bags”, “healthy”, etc. I thought of the word "protection". Then I watched some movies and books about protection and communication. Therefore, I feel I have gained some inspiration. What I want to express is the relationship between humans and nature. I want to express my theme by painting. I used some dreamy colours. I think this is very successful because it fits my theme very well. I drew four illustrations. I feel the images also successfully visually represent my theme. In the final work, I decided to use digital printing. I printed it on fabric. If I could do it again, I would try to print my illustrations on different materials. In this project, I learned how to choose the most suitable fabric, how to use the fabric better, and use different techniques to find the best way to express my theme.

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