I define the appearance of the work as a falling tear, the tear being the end of all emotions, the ultimate way for all emotions to explode. And the name of the work is "Tears of Time", a term used on the internet to describe something forgotten by time, a name that not only describes the appearance of the work, but also informs the message, time and people's emotions that are forgotten with time. The main materials are cloth , which are cut from clothing. In order to better express the "collective emotion" of the work, I wanted other people to participate in my work. As result, I posted a message on the Internet, asking people to provide me with their own clothes. I received a lot of material from people. I put together these clothes from different people. and different regions, with their emotions . Each person's emotions were also joined together because of this form. The initial inspiration actually came from some social news about women, for which I felt pain and sadness, and for a long time my personal emotions were influenced by those distant pains. In the modern world, we have more and more modes of communication at our disposal and the information we receive on a daily basis is becoming more and more complex. Our emotions are no longer just personal emotions. These mediums of communication bring things far away from us to us, and we empathize with people we don't know. The faster we exchange information, the more intense the emotions we share. And the closer we are to each other as individuals, the more we are able to empathize with each other's sorrows and joys. All people become one, whether by choice or not.

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