In the winter of 2020, China was hit by a severe virus, followed by large-scale outbreaks around the world. We stayed at home for nearly three months, and the epidemic hit us in every way. In winter, the land is shrouded in darkness and terror, which comes from the unknown nature of human beings. We think that we have lived in peace with nature for thousands of years. We think that man is the top of the earth. Nature has long been tamed by man. However nature has taught us a lesson. When I am thinking about the nature is cruel, the earth is not unbearable to be destroyed by human beings. Spring just suddenly came, those flowers, like nothing happened, normal growth, normal blossom. I suddenly realized that human beings are too small. My final topic is about ourselves under the epidemic. The impact of this outbreak on most people's lives must be enormous. Working from home gives us more opportunities to be alone. Being alone is a great opportunity to learn who you are. As a result of the coronavirus epidemic, many people are getting divorced, many are getting married, many are deciding to have children, many don't want to be with the next generation anymore. These changes, I think, are based on how each person thinks about themselves. The busy life often makes people neglect their mental health. Gradually, people stop thinking independently and become more and more boring. This epidemic gives people a great opportunity to face themselves and see what they have become. This is an opportunity to start to confront yourself, to try to reconcile with yourself, but who knows what the outcome will be.

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