I took a series of photos as the final work of the New Normal project. It includes 6 images. They are edited photos of some objects and some places closed because of covid-19. Under the strict epidemic prevention policy and shocking news reports, I am very anxious. For the public, anxiety helped to slow the spread of the virus. For individuals, it is a very negative emotion. Pessimism became the most prominent product of the outbreak for me. I hope my work looks like some slices of my new normal life for examination by others. It is trying to let the audience understand my feelings by the scenes and objects that I see from my viewpoint. Thermometers, the ECG of tachycardia caused by anxiety, a closed cinema and vegetable markets, each of them can be regarded as a representative of this special period in my life. All these slices constitute a complete specimen of the New Normal. There are multiple interpretation methods, and I will be glad, if everyone who sees my works can find a reflection of their own new normal life in these pictures.


the ECG and reports of tachycardia caused by anxiety


A closed cinema and a covered stuff


The children's play area seems as usual, but none in it.


The vegetable market was closed. Shopkeepers hung their notices on the gate.


An empty gallery and some exhibition manuals on my bed


A thermometer shows 38.4°C

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