We all have dreamed of spending more time in our houses and working from bed, but when this turned to be real, the struggles became real as well. That’s why the mobile house is here. The mobile house is the conceptual project that its target is tackling the problems that the whole world has been facing during the corona virus pandemic. The main aim of the mobile house is to be flexible and ready to move at any time and under any conditions to meet its users’ needs safely. There are three main needs that the mobile house meets, so the first one is inhabitation opportunity and a more personalized unit with a smart use of space where people can do all their regular activities inside their movable houses. The second thing is mobility advantage where people can use van car as a house and a car at the same time. What is new to this car is it is operated by a clean energy from the solar panels that have been attached on the car ceilings, which makes it safe for the environment. The third promising addition the vehicle house meets is a breathing space where people can relax, exercise and self-care in the outdoor areas and have all their meditation needs.

The product

How it works: it is a van car that offers its user a place to live and move, food to eat, and a platform to empower the self and relax

Problem Definition

The impacts of Corona virus lockdown on people lives

Thought Process

Product's inspirations and solutions

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