I got inspiration from my friends, I asked some questions about their study, work, family, and mental health problems, then I found that we all have common problems with the topic of family. Because of the epidemic, we were trapped at home, we stay with our parents 24 hours a day. our parents cannot accept our Living habits, we don’t like their complaints either, we don’t understand each others’ behavior. So I think this may also be a problem that everyone is facing to, and than continued with this family topic. My whole project is about my feelings about family life in COVID-19, In these five illustrations, I drew pictures of my mother my father and my brother. But not me in this age, .there is only a baby version me in the picture. There is no illustration of four of us in here. I tried a few different painting styles, but I felt that the hand-painted picture was not suitable for the subject I wanted to express, so I chose the digital painting method to complete my project. At first, I tried to express my content with some colorful colors, but I felt that the sense of alienation I wanted to express might be more serious, so I chose to use black and white color to present the final effect.

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