The sudden epidemic made me trapped at home, and a long time with my family made my quarrels more frequent. Anxiety and depression kept hitting me. I thought many people are becoming more and more emotional just like me in this unique period, so I found that people’s emotions in this period were worth studying. Then I recorded the emotions of some friends and family. After sorting out the emotions I collected, I had no idea how to advance this project. I got inspiration from The Architecture of Happiness, so I added color elements to this project. This project consists of two parts, the first one with intense colors and a large number of disorderly lines. The second part uses blue lights to create a very calm atmosphere. My project wants people to feel the impact of emotions more realistically, to arouse people's attention to their feelings and the emotions of others. The epidemic not only has a considerable impact on people's daily life but also has brought an enormous change in their spiritual life. So I think paying attention to mental health should become our new normal.

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Cara newnormal project

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