My project focused on the plastic products, which is called ‘Fake Plastic’. The reason I called the fake is that I want to try to do some materials same to plastic properties which less harm to the environment. In the past few months of the global pandemic, I have been staying at my home for isolation. I saw a bigger problem is that people were unable to go out and reduced the number of times to go to supermarkets and shopping malls. Replaced by the increase in the number of online shopping. During this time more garbage was generated. In the supermarket, we always seen that fruits and vegetables are packed in disposable plastic trays. When we unpack, the packaging goes into the bin and plastic waste is generated every day. I was thinking about how to make bio trays for the industry. When I went shopping to IKEA, I saw a lot of lampshades made from plastic. I thought if I can made these lampshades into bio products by using my bio-materials.

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