This is one of the most particular works that the artist (Meng Wang) has ever done. Because it happened in a remarkable period - the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. It tells a story of the designer who went through dark ages during the COVID-19 epidemic, and he learned an effective way to overcome loneliness and helplessness. For Wang, it was a harrowing experience in his life. But he realised that he should give the people like himself hope and strength of life when he escaped from the difficulties and the worst situation he met, and appeal to people not to be defeated by the coronavirus. In fact, he got the inspiration from a video named "Feeling blue? Give a tree a hug". Therefore, he considered leading people to go out of the room actively as it's an effective method to find the hope and significance of life again for people who are trapped in helplessness, loneliness and sadness.Finally, he hopes that the work can bring hope and wishes to those who are still trapped in a hard situation as well as resonating resonance with you when you are viewing it. He believes that there is always a day people will escape from the "cage-like life".

Don'e be afraid

Believe me and believe yourself.

Please Follow me

Just Run Away

Break out, break out.

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