With the outbreak of COVID-19, the whole situation became very tense suddenly. People had to been quarantined at home and there was no cars or person on the street. Luckily, according to the effect of health care workers and national policy, everything got better gradually. After almost 3 months, the lockdown cancelled, people could back to the track of life once again. With integrating those features and feelings, I thought paper fold as an art form would be a relatively good way. When we tear off the first label and open it, that means the lockdown cancelled. When we tear off the second label and divide it as two pieces of paper, that means people get liberation again. After that, by folding the virus layer as a red heart, it inspires user only love can beat the virus, and by folding the person layer as a colourful heart, it inspires user life will go on and everything gonna be alright. The artwork is a very simple interactive paper fold gadget for every generation. I hope it could be a trigger which helps people to connect again face to face. On the one hand, even this kind of trivial activity is more luxurious at this period, therefore, we ought to value our families and friends who used to accompany us and support us. On the other hand, I hope people can share their love, hope and faith to each other constantly, and encourage the people who suffered from the disease.

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