My work in the new normal project presents my life and situation during the epidemic period in a cyanotype way. Cyanotype is effectively a blueprint. It is like a blue mirror, and blue is also melancholy, quiet and nostalgic. It reflects the state of people, including myself, in the new normal period. It's different from taking pictures directly from a mobile phone. It records things by keeping trying the techniques and repeated attempts. This kind of blue colour creates a quiet, melancholy and nostalgic atmosphere. The technology of cyanotype also makes the original simple photographic recording method special. The contents of my works cover part of my life, and also record part of the dynamic of the whole society from my perspective, focusing on how people's lives have been affected by the epidemic in recent two months. There are many scenes of daily life, accompanying pets, the status quo of cinemas and exhibition halls, buildings, leaves of parks and paper cutting of festivals, etc. Because the creation form is completely at home, I occupied my creative mind and enjoyed exploring and experimenting with cyanotype and trying to use these works to stimulate people to think about life and whether they pay attention to everything around them so as to discover their beauty. When we stay at home because of lockdown, do we have any other exciting handicrafts to try besides electronic products.

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