I have always paid attention to people's spiritual world, behavior state and meaning of life. How to examine the world and the relationship between myself and the world is my key goal. This semester mainly focuses on group relations and the exploration of repetitive and meaningless events. Group portraits have always been a subject of interest to me. On the one hand, I like the elusiveness of group events. At the same time, I also like the vulgarity and tension between the vientiane world. I focus on the absurd colors of the world. First, I painted oil paintings to show the absurd states of modern society. And I also made some animations to show continuous movements with various postures of the human body. These animations all use repetition and looping patterns to show a state of consumption, which seems absurd and dramatic. It's like a game of life. This work is called "The Absurd World" They are all in a cage, they are all trapped, they have no soul but an empty shell" The people being sold symbolize that people have no right to choose, and the people in the trash can symbolize people who are eliminated and abandoned by society at any time. I used this form to show the absurd world .

Absurd world

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