When analyzing my works, I find that I pay attention to the expression of emotions and deep feelings. I started from feelings and feelings, combined with the works of famous artists to help me find inspiration, through daily wear and common materials during the popular period as inspiration. This is a huge skill development for my creativity. Through my pattern creation process, Inspired by the painter's works, I began to try to create through the combination of emotion and painting. My thinking, pattern creativity and imagination have all improved. In my shape selection stage, I show strong gaps and patterns to express my inner irritability, anxiety and depression. In addition, the mixture and collocation of various materials enable colleagues with rich content to learn to choose among them. Only in this way can we make the design more delicate and handle the details more appropriately. Through this process of design, experimentation, and brainstorming, I transformed my emotional feeling from virtual and nonexistent physical perception to a realizable garment, and mainly expressed the theme of distance. I think this work made me realize how to balance my emotions in real life, and how to record and achieve popular feelings was very successful. To know how to balance the inner fluctuation caused by the society is the main problem I want to solve. No matter what the world is like, we should know how to adjust our emotions in the right circumstances, and look at social problems in a stable and balanced way, so as not to hurt ourselves too much.


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