My series of works is about our human reflection on life. When we stand in front of life and death, human beings seem very small! What is the purpose of our life? What do we live for? Everything we want to? I think these question are the ultimate question! The meaning of life, then, is the ideal, or "life goal", of every one mentioned above. Perhaps in my opinion, the meaning of life is to find life goal, and try to get close to it. It may not be possible to achieve our life value, but at least we have experienced it! This work is my observation of people with cancer. Created by recording their emotional states at every moment. Especially their eyes! This deeply shocked me to the core! They make me feel alive! In China, there are still many problems in medical treatment and patients! Some even died waiting without help. Other patients have had to give up treatment because they could not afford the expensive medical bills. It was tantamount to giving up one's life. This is very common. So I also hope that the society and the government can help these poor people. Give them some! Hope to live. I made it in the hospital for seven days. It's very relevant to these people. Each of them is kind in the face of life and death! I focus on their eyes, their eyes like a knife ate the hearts of people. I want to do something for them. So I want to use my pen to describe their feelings. Then I decorated my picture with gold leaf. Because in my opinion, gold foil means signifies the regeneration of phoenix ! That's my optimism. I hope they will get well soon! In the end, the meaning of life is this century's problem, let me just keep going.

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