During the epidemic, I started to have an idea to grow vegetables in flower pots on the balcony. Because I had to stay at home during that time, and the vegetables were also given to us by community volunteers, so I had the idea of ​​what I always like to eat.So I chose this topic. First of all, I classified the four kinds of vegetables and recorded their growth process and maturity structure within 100 days. Then suddenly I had an idea. Maybe I could use a poster to make an information design to record the growth process of my vegetables. The most important thing in the poster design process is how to construct a clear X,Y,Z axis structure. So I divided the entire poster design process into 3 stages. The first stage is to draw a sketch on paper and draw the entire poster frame and I needed to put the outline of each plant, and I made a lot of attempts in this process. The plants are traced as a surface or wireframe. The third process is to combine them to adjust the font and color. The final output is a poster design.

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