Artist statement My project is about my whole feelings during the epidemic, so my brainstorming made a timetable design. I have four sources of inspiration, the first two are about viruses and anti-virus inspiration versions. The first main color is red, which is about expressing the rapid spread of the epidemic virus, giving people a very bloody feeling. The second is about medical assistance in the fight against the epidemic. The main color is green. Use part green and part red lungs to represent healthy and infected lungs. The third one is related to the artwork. Because the epidemic situation is getting better, there is hope. A candlestick is made to represent hope. The fourth is about the second artwork. I made a coaster because the doctor is too busy to drink a glass of water. Through the development of the inspiration version, a mood version and a color version have been developed. The mood board is the feeling during the entire epidemic, divided into stages. For the color version, colors representing the epidemic and similar colors are selected as the development of my printing. For the printing, I chose watercolor fusion and added golden powder on it, because this epidemic is a process of fighting. I chose Epoxy for the candlestick and coaster material. I will add color to the Epoxy first. The patterns are made into coasters and candle holders like printing. The reason for this project is that there is no way to go out during the epidemic, so I can only find inspiration from the media. I like to use color to express things, so I combined color and printing to express my feelings about the epidemic. Since I can't go out, I chose to make simple glue at home as my artwork. I have also thought about putting prints on masks to express my artwork, but masks need to be mass-produced and cannot go out during the epidemic, so my idea cannot be implemented.


candlestick coaster

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