I made a wire installation measuring half a meter high and half a meter wide to express all my creations and ideas.when I made it, the setting of the piece was about an outbreak of an epidemic and people's closed-off lives.I really like the idea of expressing the state of boredom and anxiety that I feel when I'm stuck at home. Since the only way I can visualize the outside world when I'm at home is through my windows, I choose my content to incorporate elements of the windows.First I chose to make some drafts, some drawings of uncomfortable looking human poses.First of all, I chose to make some drafts about the uncomfortable human poses.I then choose the pose that I feel best expresses my mood and use wire on a grid shelf to create the outline of the image based on the foundation of my drawing section. So I think the hardest part is to express this feeling of "voyeurism" in my work. I wanted the whole thing to look unsettling and strange, but on the basis of beauty.

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