I chose to simulate the distribution of cell population by spray painting and hand drawing, and used it as the background of the whole installation. In the key part, I fixed the headform on the drawing board. This time, I still chose to cover the face of the model with discarded hospital sheets, and reinforced the cloth with glue mixture to make it look more stronger and powerful. During the production, I used the previous composite fabric for analysis and research. And I decided to cover half of the eyes, nose and mouth with tin foil. The reason for half of the coverage is because I want to express that I have to wear a mask in order to avoid being infected. At the same time, I look forward to the end of the epidemic one day, so that people can breathe freely in the sky as before. In the final analysis, this epidemic is the price that human beings pay for their "ignorance and greed". In the new situation, I would like to remind people not to be careless. To continue to do a good job of protection, try not to go to places with many people, pay attention to hygiene, avoid infection.

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