The new normal I made is mainly a reflection and fantasy of the future life changes. Starting from the changes of people's living space, lifestyle and tools, we will create a new and more convenient tool for life.What I want to talk about in the picture is the trace that people want to keep on themselves, so that it can stay with them all the time. However, I think about the way of producing traces. It is no longer just a traditional tattoo, but a new way of storing traces, which is more like digital printing.Due to the future lifestyle changes, people will be more inclined to portable tools. Therefore, I want to transform and design chairs as a representative form of furniture. Firstly, I want to change people's cognition of the use space of chairs in traditional thinking, and secondly, I want to consider the fitting degree with human body in terms of material and comfort. According to these ideas, I have done some experiments. I want to take the chair under the new normal as a conceptual idea to express people's expectation for the future life style.

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