I started working with the “New Normal” project when it showed me the possibilities. I was to provide a creation or design for people who were in isolation. For me, that was a very fascinating idea, and I think isolation is like another form of prison, which means we keep our distance and stay in one place and not leave. This offered a very good opportunity for me to reach out and think about the issues faced in the real world. The real world can sometimes feel like a prison, even for those people who have not committed a crime. Their lives can still feel like a prison. That’s why I created this project. Inspired by the photographer's work, it showed me the world outside the balcony. This series of photographs will inspire me to notice new things in my space, too. I decided to create an entire collection. I made different collages to explore the relationship between people and space. By designing images and deconstructing and transforming the whole garment, I express my influence on space consciousness and sustainable design.

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