My works are a series of illustrations to focus on motorcycle, converting what I experience in motorcycle riding, what I see in the scenery and what I think about life  all into visual forms, which not only show my passion and love for motorcycle, but also convey the beauty of nature brought by motorcycle riding to all readers.


Sometimes when i close my helmet, the world becomes quiet. I can immerse myself into my own world and enjoy the journey. It is protecting me, separating me from the noise. Whether it is raining or sunny, thundering or cloudy, my helmet is my shelter.

Riding 2




‘I HAVE NOTHING BEHIND ME, THE WHOLE WORLD IS FRONT OF ME. THIS IS ON THE ROAD.’ The freedom of riding is like a bird flying in the sky.

This is Where I Belong

we all have the right to escape the hustle and bustle. returning to nature, we belong here. motorcycle brings me back, i belong to here, it gives me freedom and strength.

Chasing dream


A Quiet Morning

Riding in the green, breathing the fresh air, how a wonderful way to start a day.

Mountain Valley

I would like to see more rocky peaks, beautiful valleys, even i am getting away on my own. My bike is always with me, enjoying the peace with me.

I Stop Where I Want to Stop

I stop where i want to stop, looking around and enjoying the silence when i take off my helmet. When the soul collides the nature, it brings me unprecedented peace.


Chooose which you want!

Teddy bear is not just for girls, toy car is not just for boys. Choose which you like, live like you wish.


Taking a helmet to lunch makes me feel like I have a distinct personality tag, and sometimes it becomes the first impression of me when I first meet. I think it's very interesting.

You can, You will!

We all have the same right to choose what kind of life we want to live. Believe in yourself, 'YOU CAN, YOU WILL..'


Bikes are tools, also my friends

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