I used a variety of shape symbols to represent the various parts of the body, square, circle, triangle, dot, line and surface combination. They convey emotions and states in their respective domains, a distracted pupil, a cowering back, an agitated posture, falling hair, an exposed nervous system. Each part shows a sense of unease and powerlessness in a difficult situation. Through my work, I am interested in depicting people’s different emotional states in a range of situations and how people connect with and respond to their surroundings. The characters that I paint, draw and animate have no distinguishing features and no specific gender. I want the audience to be able to project themselves onto these figures. Recently, I have become interested in intimacy, how social groups are formed and how they help to build social relationships between people. In today’s society, where social media is prevalent, the way relationships are formed and maintained is a fascinating subject.



Falling hair

Decadent gesture

A curled back

Exposed neurons


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