What do you think of when you think of chameleon? A creature adapts to the environment by changing its skin color, or, a creature possesses a protection mechanism that blends into the background. I wanted to apply an interactive device to allow people in different colors of clothes to interact with the space, trying to feel when becoming part of the space. This sensation can release and soothes their stress and brings a sense of security. Through several sample experiments, I decided the materials for the space and quickly set up the entire space, using soft light cloth to create a dreamy surrounding. The next step is to make the lights. This project of mine is about discovering the emotions perceived under different colors of lights; and how to present people’s images with different colors. Using assorted colors of fluorescent tubes, the setting can deliver particular live styles and feelings. When two different lights blend in with each other, it represents human feelings. Its combination symbolizes the complexity of human affections. My project, titled “Light & Space,” focuses on people’s expedition on sensations and visual and mental response.

color and space

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