“The Calling” is a picture book created for adults. It is a visual narrative about a journey of “self-discovery” and “seeking the inner voice”, which aims to inspire the reader to recognize and embrace their uniqueness and individuality. The story is an intimate conversation with my true self, as well as a confession that the destination can never be the same as our imagination. The dreamland that other people eager to reach may not be the one we’re searching for. Nevertheless, the unique experience that we gained from the voyage are authentic and valuable, which fertilize our ordinary lives and gradually formed who we are, the long journey of self- discovery will never be in vain.


This is where everything started.

Chasing The Blues

"Follow the map." they said. But sometimes it is far more complicated than imagined.

The Blue Desert

The vast, blue ocean where the singing mermaids live had never existed.

The Frame City

We are taught to follow the line, no one tell us how to find a way out of life.

Faceless Wonderland

People here are too busy to become others. "Eyes, nose, lips, which one do you prefer?" they asked.

Blank Canvas

"Leave your dream here, this is the ticket." asked the guards of the dream museum. The girl stared at the blank canvas, only bare white looking back at her.

Forest Of Thoughts

You have to trim your thoughts and ideas like pruning down branches from a tree. It will be painful, but it is worth in the end.

The story never ends

This is the cover page of my picture book. I've reached the destination of this journey, but I yearn to invite you to participate in this story as well.

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