The initial theme of my project is masks and the masked face. As humans, I believe that facial expression and speech is the main way we communicate to one and other and express emotions. Covering the face with a mask blocks or oppresses our ability to do this. I have explored and developed new ways of expression, communication and emotion through nonverbal and non-facial expressive behaviors, for example, through movement, colour, texture and sound. My research is closely connected to non-western cultures. I have been particularly influenced by tribal Africa, where culture is expressed through arts and crafts, folklore and religion, clothing, music and language, which are many individual aspects of my research. In tribal African culture, when an individual wears a ritual mask, he or she conceptually loses his or her human identity and turns into a spirit. I was incredibly inspired by the concept of ‘de-humanizing’ an individual through the use of a mask. Accompanied with the band ‘Glowma’ and through animation, sound and space, I have created an atmosphere that explores the connection between colour, texture and mood. The concept is to de-humanize the viewer through visual communication.


Music video for GLOWMA's song Circles

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