Phil Alcock's ideas for art spring from events of the day. Curiosity to understand more about an event then takes him in different directions. He looks to similar events in history, always struck by uncanny similarities, and the more he delves the more he becomes restless and bothered. His artworks must have aboutness, and usually refer to some aspect of power, privilege or injustice. His practice is about the interplay between truth and fiction. It addresses the representation of politics (which for him, means, how can the artist best depict those issues that concern him or her?) and the politics of representation (more specifically, how the artist perceives an issue compared to how that issue is depicted in society). His works create their own truth, a fictional truth which develops from a previously unfaithful portrayal of reality.

Benefits Scrounger

emulsion paint on wooden frame, quilted calico and full British Army tunic 200 x 100 x 7 cm

They Fuck You Up

acrylics on canvas 117 x 169 cm


acrylics on 13 pieces of canvas, attached to a wooden batten 117 x 180 cm

Insatiate Cormorant

acrylics on canvas 147 x 117 cm

Domine Nos Dirige

acrylics on canvas 149 x 146 cm

Genocide, apartheid....

acrylics on canvas, 84 x 119 cm

Malayan Massacre

acrylics on canvas 92 x 147 cm

Queueing for Castration in Kenya

acylics on canvas 117 x 147 cm

The Heights Bar

acrylics on canvas 91 x 117 cm

The State of Israel

12 faces in clay, each with label, each approximately 10 cm in diameter.

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