LCF 2nd year Design Project - Sustainability approach using jersey as main material. The creation proccess of this collection began reflecting on the manner in which individuals must adapt to situations of everyday life and thus the speed that we replace pieces of our wardrobe or simply acquire new items for personal satisfaction. It was used as a reference artistic theories based in the “Pre-Raphaelites” movement, which has focused on the need to rethink old techniques to produce art of the period, thinking against the predecessor movement, Manneirismo, from this making a link also with the way in which we consume and use products today. Artists supporters of the movement Pre-Raphaelitas had as ideal the free mind to create a more "poetic" art, based on an a liberal observation of the nature, images were collected to represent this sense of "freedom" and from them find shapes, fabrics, colors and the silhouette. Garments with detachable parts reflect the Sustainable approach of this collection, having the possibility to create different outfits from one single outfit, with multifunctionality for different occasions and with a timeless feeling.

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