People now live in an environment bombard by information received daily which might already be outdated. Does our language and writing system fail to provide a sufficiently efficient information system? If that is the case, we need to have a fresh look at our existing language system. I start to think about if we can have a more efficient language system in the future, in which one character(symbol) could carry more information. My project provides a possibility of what future written language could be from a positive, critical, and dialectical perspective, and explores what the continuous progress of science and technology in information can bring to mankind. The short film of my project is based on the quarantine diaries as the content, imagining a kind of futuristic language written by body movement. Besides, my work achieved the basic effect of capturing body movement with Kinect in terms of technology, were to enable us to launch a live participatory experience for the audience.

Diaries in quarantine

can we master a more efficient language in the future?

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