The name "Miss N” of this project is that Miss means a young woman. Because research data shows that the proportion of female OCD sufferers is slightly higher than that of men, and the age range of high incidence is 18-29. Therefore, the character of this work is a young woman. In mathematics, N can represent set of nature numbers, such as 3, 17, 56, 1122, etc. As we know, a common symptom of OCD suffers is the uncontrollable repetition of a certain behavior or thought, so N can represent the repeated symptoms of sufferers with OCD, which is cyclical and can be repeated many times. I use N to represent any numbers. Here, the N also represents countless OCD sufferers who known they have mental illness or not. All of us may be Miss N. Though this project, I hope to tell people who have little understanding of OCD about the fear and anxiety that OCD sufferers may face so as for others to better understand this mental illness and reduce misunderstandings.

Keyhole Girl.

"Keyhole Girl" expresses the background of the story of an OCD girl constantly checking door lock. The girl hesitated to walk out of the keyhole, because the red OCD monster behind her controlled her, bringing her pressure and anxiety. Meanwhile, the surrounding hands stretching to her represent the "external danger".


Inspired by Niki's work "The Bride", I put various cases of OCD found in books, interviews, questionnaires and online resources into this "explosive" head. OCD anxiety has multiple emotional sources. It can even be said that no two people in the world have exactly the same OCD symptoms, such as worries about un-occurring traffic accidents, having numbers that bring a sense of security, repeated cleaning for the worry about bacteria, repeated inspections of door lock for the fear of missing items, fantasy of murder, etc. The purpose of this work is to show OCD symptoms are countless, not just limited to clean or tidy items. It is expected to eliminate some misunderstandings about OCD.

Bacteria Are Everywhere!

"Bacteria Are Everywhere!" This work is inspired by the OCD sufferers' symptoms of over- cleaning, such as excessive hand washing, excessive disinfection of the body and the surroundings etc. Through my research, I found that the main reason for repeated cleaning of OCD sufferers is that they are anxious of the contamination caused by bacteria and viruses in the environment, so I have conducted some research on the form of bacteria. To my surprise, the bacteria have a variety of interesting forms, some look like plants, and I abstracted them into the work.

Door, Lock, Door, Lock.

This work expresses the OCD symptom of repeatedly checking door lock. The sufferer will check the door lock a few times before going out to make sure the door is locked. This reminds me of stuck web pages. Sometimes when the computer system crashes, some pages will be repeatedly pasted together. The doors in the image are like stresses piling on the sufferer’s head, and the countless doors also represent her repeated inspection of door lock every day.

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