We live in a world - more likely are we trapped in a world? A world dominated by a mediated mankind. A world resembling a 24 hour atrocity cabaret spinning images of chaos. A world where we are dominated by our fears and vulnerabilities. A world in which staggering technological progress is entangling humanity in a symbiotic relationship, turning our bodies into a mirror of shadows. A breed of human machinery. HUMAN MECHANOIDS. HERVÉ BY CÉLINE MARIE is an interdisciplinary couture lingerie brand merging 3d technology and creative laser cutting with traditional handcrafting techniques and is entering a niche market. The AW18 debut collection HUMAN MECHANOIDS has been inspired by Swiss surrealist painter HR Giger and his idea of the biomechanoid and explores the physical relationship between digital technology and the human body. The partially controversely perceived imagery created by the artists’ depiction of reality at the time suggests that we are inevitably transformed into a kind of human machinery. Placing his idea into modern context leads to the idea of viewing social media as an extension of ourselves due to constant engagement.

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