From June 016 to Sep. 2017 I was the Senior producer of the radio show “Fashionistas”, broadcasted every weekday from 10 to 11 am on 92.9 FM, a well-known Venezuelan radio station targeted to young adults. The show centered around fashion and provided its audience with the latest news, style tips and interviews with industry personalities such as designers, influencers, magazine editors, stylists, and photographers. The role involved team management, content creation, creative writing, and public relations. Responsibilities: - While the show was on air, supervise the technical aspects of the broadcast as well as the host's performance and guest’s appearances - Be up-to-date with the latest news and trends happening on the fashion scene locally and worldwide - Chose the content to be discussed on each transmission and reviewed the scripts - Find daily guests for the show and manage the weekly agenda - Coordinate off-the-air recording sessions - Arrange pre-production and logistics aspects during the live coverage of fashion events - Involved in the creative direction of the show, constantly on the look for innovative ways to improve ratings and stay relevant to our audience - Secure advertisers for Fashionistas

Fashionistas, Especial Editoriales De Moda

This is the logo of the Radio Station where our show was aired

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